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Sage Bundles

Sage Bundles

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Large Hand rolled white sage

Derived from feng shui and Native American rituals, sage smudging has been an ancient tradition still heavily practiced today all over the world. Not only does burning sage repel negative air flow, but it comes with many health benefits. Whether you’re looking to cleanse your living space or better your overall well-being, here are four astonishing benefits of sage smudging and how to properly do so.


4 Benefits of Sage and How to Use it

1. Purifies air

Sage is antimicrobial and antibacterial, which can keep bacteria, pollution, mold, and viruses at bay. Sage smudging is great for those with asthma or allergies and can also fight off dust, pet dander, and even insects. If you have respiratory conditions, let the smoke clear before spending time in that space.


2. Dispel negative energy

Sage smudging is also a spiritual tool that fights off negative energies in your space. This can also include past traumas, bad experiences, and unwanted energy from others. In addition, people also use sage for “cleansing” objects. Whether you’ve received a new gift or are unfamiliar with a specific item, sage smudging around it can help you bring peace of mind.


3. Reduce stress and boost mood

Sage contains relaxing effects that can reduce anxiety while creating uplifting vibes. It’s common for individuals to burn sage while meditating, taking hot baths, or throughout other de-stressing routines. In addition, sage can bring a good flavor to our mental health by improving our focus and energizing our bodies.


4. Improve sleep

Notice quality sleep when using sage. Because it repels negativity, sage contains specific compounds that ease insomnia.


How to “Smudge” Sage

1. Open a window before, during, and after smudging sage. This allows the smoke to flow outside.
2. Light the end of a sage bundle, If the bundle catches on fire, blow out quickly.
3. The bundle should release thick smoke, and the tips of the leaves should burn slowly.
4. Let the smoke linger in areas of the spaces or objects you’d like to focus on. You could use a fan to help direct the smoke if needed.
5. Allow the ash to collect in a ceramic bowl.

Sage has a variety of benefits that can be utilized in homes, businesses, and sacred spaces. Sage is a powerful tool for cleansing energies and improving well-being. Smudging is an efficient way to access the healing properties of sage.

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