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Weight Loss &Wellness

The Luneau Weight Loss and Wellness Program offers comprehensive, evidence-based treatment plan that promotes healthy weights, lifestyles, and a reduction of weight-related medical conditions for individuals of all ages.

We work with you to create a weight loss and wellness plan by working closely with a Registered Nurse, Nutritionist, and Wellness Coach. 


What are you can expect on your wellness journey:

Daily Support & Check In

Daily Inspiration

Daily Mindfulness

Weekly Nutrition and Meal Plan Examples

Weekly Physical Activity Suggestions


$7 per day

$50 per week

$200 per month


On the Scales

Weight Loss & Wellness

  • Setting your Goals 

  • Strengthen your Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Gain clarity within yourself

  • Develop healthy eating habits

  • Weight Loss

  • Wellness

  • Increased Happiness

  • Increased Over All Health

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