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Updated: Jan 29

“When I started counting my blessings, and living in gratitude, my whole life turned around.”—

Willie Nelson

Practicing Gratitude is one of the most powerful weapons to challenge negative thinking and it helps you clarify what you value most.

The words we speak to ourselves via our “self-talk” or thoughts are profoundly powerful, dramatically affecting our health and well-being. Our mind and body responds to our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Every time we have a thought our brain releases chemicals either for good or harm. If we are constantly thinking negative thoughts, our brain will stimulate the production of chemicals that will result in negative body symptoms and illness. Negative thoughts also diminish the activity of our higher brain centers that govern judgment, memory, and learning.

Conversely, if we are thinking positive thoughts of gratitude, hope, love, and joyful anticipation; better health and happiness will be created.

Moment by moment you are changing the structure of your brain and the function of your body through your thinking. We are not helpless victims of our circumstances or our genetic predispositions. We have the power by our very thoughts to to change the way we look and feel.

Our mental response to the circumstances of our life has an enormous impact on our mental and physical health.

Ways to help you:


Practice Guided Imagery

Practice Gratitude

Keep a daily gratitude journal.

Today, I am grateful for_______.

Yoga for Gratitude

Giving Thanks

Pausing before meals to breathe and give thanks will stimulate your Para-sympathetic nervous system, which promotes “rest and digest”. Practice mindful eating, being aware of the colors, odors, taste, and texture of the meals.

Spend time in nature Reduces Stress

Reduces Anxiety

Improves Concentration

Cultivates Joy

Improves overall health

Practice Breath Work

Proper breathing techniques are beneficial for both physical and emotional health as these exercises help control random and runaway thoughts, improve the clarity of thought and enhance a sense of peace and calm.

Eliminate negative people

Turn off the news and take a media fast.

-Laugh More

-Live everyday in celebration

-Find the GOOD in everything

*your tribe and support system will appear*

Daily Affirmations:

I am strong, I am healthy, and I will overcome adversity

Everything I need to succeed is already within me

I am bold, I am beautiful, I am enough

Many Blessing,


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