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New Year’s celebrations have a particularly potent kind of spiritual energy. So in this post, I’ll discuss the spiritual significance of New Year to create an even deeper connection with the Spirit in 2024.

So what is the spiritual significance of the New Year?

New Year’s is highly spiritually significant for a variety of reasons. First, New Year symbolizes death and rebirth. New Year, regardless of its tradition, brings the death of the old year and the birth of a new one. This rebirth is seen as an opportunity for growth, improvement of self and community, and high hopes for a prosperous new year.

It’s called a spiritual portal, and it’s part of the reason why miracles seem to happen more on Christmas, and it contributes to why new and full moons have such powerful energy.

What is a Spiritual Portal?

A spiritual portal is simply divine timing. It’s a conglomeration of energies present to create an opportunity for growth or change. A spiritual portal can be caused by a number of things, including collective energies, numerical alignments, personal alignments or events, or divine intervention.

Like any spiritual portal, it may or may not be one that you are intended to cross through. If a particular spiritual portal resonates with you, it could be of some importance for you. Most people go through life participating in collective or personal portals while not even understanding any of the spiritual significance such as Graduation, Marriage, Birth of a child, etc. 

Because of the collective focus on rebirth, it is an opportunity in our life’s journey to step onto a new path.

How to Take Advantage of New Year’s Spirituality

We already know that New Year’s is a great time to set goals for the coming journey around the sun. So when you’re contemplating spiritual goals for this new year, I highly suggest tapping into aspirations for your mind, body and Spirit.


Continued learning and expansion of our knowledge is the path of the spiritual person. We crave understanding of human motivations and suffering and love. You can also learn to control and focus the mind to live in the present moment, and living in gratitude which is another path of the spiritual person.


Yes, taking care of your body is a spiritual act. The most enlightened individuals on earth focused on their body as a temple and caring deeply for it with Self - Love & Self - care


Our spirit needs to thrive in order to step onto a new path in this powerful spiritual portal. My personal choice is using affirmation cards daily and reading books on enlightenment.

You also need to put the skills you learn into practice, so meditation is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to step onto a more spiritual path this year.

Celebrating 2024…

Cleanse your space, Ground Yourself….and get ready for an Amazing Year!

Perform your regular 1st of the month ritual with cleansing as usual, add some protection salt to the entrances of your home or work. If you haven't already, it is a good idea to plant Rosemary by the entrances of your home. You can plant these in pots, so they can be moved around. Rosemary will live year round here in NC. Rose bushes work well too. These are for added protection and beauty. I personally have both.

The first New Moon of 2024 will be greeting us on January the 11th; Rising in the sign of Capricorn, this New Moon is the perfect time to release anything that you don't want to bring with you into this new year. Try taking a New Moon Bath.

Take advantage of this pivotal occasion to reset and strengthen your energetic boundaries as you enter 2024.

New Year Correspondences:

Crystals for the New Year

Essential Oils for the New Year

Certain essential oils, for example frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood are known to enhance meditation. Order Oils at Wholesale Prices:

1. Frankincense

Frankincense is one of the most sacred essential oils for spirituality. It has been used in different spiritual rituals and ceremonies – for healing, cleansing and enlightenment – in many different cultures, for thousands of years.  It helps to increase our faith and connection to higher self.

2. Myrrh

Myrrh was used in ancient temple worship as an ingredient in the holy anointing oil for consecrating priests and kings. Myrrh has one of the highest levels of sesquiterpene in an essential oil. Sesquiterpenes delete bad information in cellular memory so inhaling this oil can help to eliminate negative thoughts. It can help reduce stress, bring focus and can assist in a deep spiritual “opening” while bringing calm and tranquility.

3. Sandalwood

Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years to calm the mind and relieve anxiety, reduce signs of aging and skin inflammation. It has spiritual significance and is said to bring devotees closer to the divine. Sandalwood is very helpful in healing emotional and spiritual wounds, as it opens the heart and helps to promote trust. It’s also quite grounding.

4. Neroli

Neroli or orange blossom has a pleasant floral fragrance and can help you to be more self-accepting, face your fears and accept the work you need to do for yourself. The fragrance can also inspire creativity and encourage a regular spiritual practice.

5. Rose

Rose is the fragrance of love, both the human and the Divine kind.  It opens the heart to receive love, particularly self-love and a deeper connection to the spiritual world.

6. Vetiver

Vetiver is extremely grounding and can be especially beneficial if you tend to wander and lose focus during your meditation practice.

7. Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a cousin to Frankincense and loosely translated means Holy Wood.  It has been used for hundreds of years by healers for spiritual applications.  It is grounding and calming and can elicit a sense of peacefulness and calm.

8. Cedarwood

Cedarwood encourages us to focus inward. It can also help to illuminate your need for meditation and return you to your spiritual path when obstacles have made it difficult.

9. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most versatile oils.  It is readily available and there are many different varieties.  Lavender is known for its relaxation properties and helps promote sleep.  It blends well with most other oils.

10. Bergamot

Bergamot has an underlying floral and citrus scent which has an emotional uplifting effect and is great for helping alleviate depressive, sad or grief stricken emotional states.

11. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a deeply calming and sedative oil. It can help release feelings of anger and tension and mixes well with patchouli and frankincense.

12. Sage

Sage is cleaning and purifying and can assist in removing negative energies. It is grounding and restores both balance and energy.

New Year Yoga

New Year Meditation

I am so excited for another year of Magic & Manifestation with you!

Sending Many Blessing of Love & Light,


If you'd like more information on Health, Love, Spirituality & Happiness - click the link below.

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