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Dealing with grief can be extremely difficult, especially when it feels like your emotions are out of your control. As you go through the stages of grief, you may experience waves of emotion that require healing.

In terms of dealing with grief, there are plenty of emotions and confusion that may arise unexpectedly. Sadness, despair, and even anger are common. This can lead you through a journey of negativity that you might find difficult to navigate on your own. However, essential oils can help you deal with these emotions as they arise, allowing you to heal from the emotions of the grieving.

The experience of sorrow can feel lonely, but essential oils can offer a helping hand as you go through the motions. Through the power of essential oils and other healing practices, you can find a sense of peace and tranquility amidst your grief. Grief isn’t something that you can work through overnight. It’s a long process filled with emotions and challenging moments. Essential oils won’t be able to “cure” your grief, but they may be able to help you cope with the waves of negative emotions.

When you wear or use essential oils as aromatherapy, the aroma travels to the part of your brain known as the olfactory nervous system. From there, the aroma continues to interact with your limbic system. Your limbic system is a part of the brain that helps process, respond, and store emotions. That being said, when the aroma of essential oils reaches your limbic system, it will trigger an emotional response. All essential oils have their own properties which will affect your response in a certain way - sometimes, this might be calming, focusing, energizing, uplifting, or peaceful.

  • 1. LAVENDER - When you lose someone special in your life, it’s hard to find comfort with them gone. There are stages of grief that are often referred to, two of which are anger and depression. Lavender oil can help you feel more in control of these emotions.

  • 2. YLANG YLANG - The emotional pain from grief can take a significant toll on your mental well-being. Ylang-ylang oil has been shown to help when used in aromatherapy to provide an uplifting effect.

  • 3. ROSEMARY - During the process of grief, you may find yourself in states of emotional stress. Losing a close friend or family member requires the difficult task of readjusting to life without that person, which may trigger high-stress levels. Therefore, it may be a helpful method when you are experiencing stressful episodes or feelings of anxiety.

  • LEMON - One of the most prominent stages of grief can be depression. You may begin to feel unmotivated or unable to think clearly. When you are dealing with grief, many things can weigh heavily on your mind, but lemon oil can help provide clarity. Lemon oil aromatherapy can improve your cognitive function, improve focus, and encourage mental clarity.

  • CHAMOMILE - Grief may lead to unexplained feelings of anger, anxiety, or irritability. Chamomile oil is a great option to help restore balance & peace of mind during these times.

  • MANDARIN - In many cases, our grief is a result of a traumatic event. This can result in increased stress, nervousness, and even trouble sleeping. Mandarin promotes relaxation and good sleep for patients who experience stress/trauma.

  • VETIVER - Grief can make you feel disconnected from the world around you, making it difficult to focus or function normally. Vetiver oil can help reduce mental fatigue and allow you to feel more grounded and connected to your surroundings.

  • SANDALWOOD - Sandalwood essential oil has been shown to provide benefits for people with mental health and mood disorders. People who are grieving may struggle mentally, with symptoms such as insomnia or irritability. Sandalwood provides a calming effect that can prevent intense emotional responses (anger, stress, etc.) and improve mood & mental function.

  • FRANKINCENSE - While grief will have a more significant impact on your mental health, it can also affect your physical health. Sometimes, when grieving, it can be challenging to focus on taking care of yourself, leading to physical symptoms you need to help treat. Frankincense essential oil can help improve your health in many ways. It helps to improve digestive function, oral health, asthma symptoms, pain relief, and more.

  • JASMINE - There are multiple benefits that jasmine oil can offer for your physical and mental well-being. When you are looking to cope with your grief, reaching the final stage of acceptance is important. Jasmine oil can be used through aromatherapy inhalation to help you finally achieve this peace of mind. Jasmine oil has a sedating effect that can help ease your worries and promote harmony while also encouraging a sense of energy and focus. That being said, jasmine oil can be helpful as you learn to accept your loss and get back on track to living in harmony after grief.

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