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Luxuries of life

What are the Luxuries of YOUR Life ?

You will get a different answer depending on the person that you ask...

So I ask you again - What are the luxuries of YOUR life?

To some, luxuries are clean water, nourishing food, purified air, love from family & friends.

To others, luxuries will be nice houses, fancy cars, swimming pools, spa days, pedicures, facials, make up, etc.

Others will tell you it is a luxury just to breathe, smell, taste, see, feel or hear.

So again… I ask You...What are the luxuries of YOUR life and what are you grateful for?

By definition - Luxury: is a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort. Something that would succeed your expectations of fulfillment.

As an ER Nurse & Life Coach, I often see the definition of luxury for each person change, especially when dealing with life and death circumstances.

When you start your day, expecting nothing other than to just wake up…Everything is a luxury!

Now that being said, not every single moment of every day is fabulous, but there is fabulousness in every day!

Learn to live your life in gratitude! Grateful for every single moment of every single day - and every day, you will live the life of luxury!

If by reading this, the definition of luxuries in your life have changed… Focus your energy on what you want your luxuries to be!

If you would like to learn more, give me a call!

Many Blessings,

Tammy ✨

Tammy P Drummond-Rowland, RN HN

Holistic Nurse / Nurse Coach


Life Coaching

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